Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I have more than the 16 or 20 children allowed in the packages?
A: You will be charged an extra per child charge depending on which package you have chosen.

Q: What if I do NOT have the 16 or 20 kids?
A: We host many parties with less than the maximum amount of children. The package price is the minimum amount we require to reserve our private events. The price does not change if you have less children.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A: **No drinks or "hot" outside food may be brought into the facility (i.e.outside orders of pizza,chicken nugget/finger platters, jambalaya,pastas etc). We allow items such as chips (no dip please), sandwich trays, fruit trays, cookies, or candy. All drinks must be purchased through Jump-N-Jive** NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON PREMISES**

Q: When do I need to know the final number of children attending the party?
A: We will call you the Monday or Tuesday before your party to verify the final number of children for your party. The pizza company requires our pizza orders in advance so that everything runs smoothly for your party.

Q: What is the difference in the two different play arenas?
A: The two arenas are NOT age specific.  But luckily now we rotate our parties through BOTH sides so you do not have to choose!

Q: Do I need to bring my own paper products?
A: For your convenience we provide solid purple plates, napkins, spoons, clear plastic cups and Jump-N-Jive custom invitations. The tables in our celebration room are covered with permanent red tablecloths.

Q: What if more/less children show up the day of the party after I have placed my order for pizza, goodie tickets or Pucker Powder?
A: The pizza order is finalized in advance of your party when we receive your final head-count and cannot be changed. However, for goodie tickets and Pucker Powder you will only be charged for the amount you use the day of the party.

Q: What kind of cake is included in your party packages?
A: All cakes are 1/4 sheet cake. A 1/4 sheet cake feeds 20-24 people. We offer cookie cakes or we offer chocolate or white bakery cakes cake with a choice of chocolate or butter cream icing. The design is lime green, purple and red with"Happy Birthday" with your childs name included. Themed cakes are available for an additional $12.00 charge.

Q: How many parties will be going on at the time of my party?
A: ONE!! Our party packages include PRIVATE use of our facility. There may be a party in the celebration room, one in the play arena and one in the waiting area but they rotate such that there is no co-mingling of the parties.

Q: Do you charge for siblings of party guests?
A: Yes any child who is taking an active part in the party celebration is considered a "guest" of the party and will be added to the guest list.

Q: Will I be charged for infants and small children attending the party?
A: Any child that is mobile and is taking an active part in the party (i.e. jumping, eating, receiving goodie tickets & pucker powder) will be added to the guest list of the party.

Q: What do I have to do to reserve a party time?
A: All of our packages require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit (no times are held without a deposit). This $75.00 is applied to the total cost of the party. We accept cash, checks and credit card deposits (credit card deposits may be processed by phone).

Q: What if I need to change my party date/time?
A: Changes are allowed as long as other times are available and as long as the changes are made 8 or more days before your event. Moving of parties is not permitted within 7 days of your event. If you move within 7 days it is considered a cancellation whereby you forfeit your original deposit and must pay another deposit to secure your next party.

Frequently Asked Questions for Open Play

Q. Can I drop of my children for Open Play?
A. No, all children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

Q. What are the age requirements for Open Play?
A. Open Play is designed for children up to age 10. For the safety of all participants, this age requirement will be strictly enforced.

Q. Can I bring in food during Open Play?
A. Outside food may be brought in during Open Play. We also offer pizza, snacks, candy and drinks.

Q. Is Open Play offered in the summer and during the school year?
A. Yes. Please see our Open Play page for regular dates and special events.

*A signed waiver is required for all jumpers
*Socks are required for all jumpers